2022 Genesis G70 vs 2022 Lexus IS 350
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2022 Genesis G70 vs 2022 Lexus IS 350 Comparison Review

Natural selection doesn’t just apply to the animal kingdom, but the auto industry, too. While most consumers flock to SUVs these days, sedans have been largely forgotten, left to languish with several mainstream carmakers giving up on them altogether.

Premium sport sedans still enjoy a small but important contingent of shoppers looking for a healthy helping of sizzle with their style, but here, too, only the strong are surviving as sales slide even for segment juggernauts like BMW’s 3 Series and the Mercedes C-class. 

Bucking the trend are a pair of freshly updated machines from Asia:  the Lexus IS 350 and Genesis G70 which have each experienced a significant bump in sales numbers recently, in many cases eclipsing the established Euro brands.  

That’s a good enough reason to pit these two together in a comparison test to find out which is the better bet.

Styling: best sports sedan for design & looks

  • Our Pick: G70
  • Why we like it: The new Genesis family look is distinct and classy

2022 G70 | Photo: Genesis

The newly-refreshed Lexus IS 350 has received a host of subtle updates that range from re-shaped headlight and taillight treatments, to different wheel designs, but the overall shape – including its basking-shark-inspired grille opening – has been around since 2014. 

With much of the industry having moved to gaping grilles, the IS’s face is less shocking than it was years ago, but it’s still not what one would call a beautiful design.

It is sporty, though, and regardless of which angle the IS is viewed, it looks aggressive. The proportions of the Genesis G70 also define it as a sport sedan in the classic sense with a tidy dimensions, a long hood and short rear deck. But the G70’s design is more fluid without the severe angles, slashes and creases found on the Lexus, and it’s likely the Genesis will age better over time. 

The G70’s cleaner look doesn’t mean it isn’t distinctive, and thanks to the trademark horizontally stacked headlight and tail light treatment, plus its own signature grille opening, there’s a lot of Genesis family resemblance here – and that’s a good thing.

Interior: 4-door cabin with the top features

  • Our Pick: IS 350
  • Why we like it: The driver-centric cockpit is sporty but comfortable

2022 G70 vs 2022 IS 350 interiors | Photos: Genesis, Lexus 

Like its exterior, the IS 350’s interior design has been around with few changes for several years. Normally that sort of timeframe would make the interior feel hopelessly out of date, but the IS’s cockpit was ahead of its time when it came out, and has been finessed over the years. 

The most notable change is that the wide infotainment screen has finally received touchscreen functionality, eliminating most of the need for the confounded Lexus trackpad system.

Lexus IS 350 interior is sportier with more comfortable seats

The seating position in the Lexus is lower and feels more encapsulating than in the Genesis, and while larger drivers may find the IS a bit claustrophobic, to us it simply felt appropriately sporty, and yet the seats are supple and remain comfortable even on long trips. Rear seat space is tight in both cars, each offering seatbelts for three abreast, but practical space for only two adults.

The G70’s interior is a wonderful place to log miles too, especially finished in the white leather that gives the cabin a very bright, airy feel (even if it is a hopelessly impractical choice). Material choices in both cars are very good, but there’s a solidity to the Lexus that makes it feel like every switch and button will work without fail for the next several decades, and never shall a squeak or rattle be heard.  


  • Our Pick: G70
  • Why we like it: We’re suckers for power and the G70 has a lot more of it

2022 G70 | Photo: Genesis

A large part of the IS 350’s charm is its honest sport sedan personality, from its unapologetically overt exterior to its racy interior, but the same is true of its drivetrain. Working with the same 3.5-litre V6 it had for a decade and a half, it’s a sweetheart engine that likes to rev and sounds really good doing so. There’s 311 hp on tap and 280 lb-ft of torque, the latter requiring a number of those revs to reach, meaning the driver is more engaged in the driving process. 

Ample power and torque from the Genesis G70 sedan

Genesis, on the other hand, straps a pair of turbochargers to its 3.3-litre V6 and the result is 368 hp and a whopping 376 lb-ft of torque. What makes the latter more noteworthy is that the turbos spool up quickly and generate that maximum torque output from only 1,300 rpm through to 4,500 rpm. 

This gives the G70 not only a lot more oomph when really driven hard, but also the sensation that it’s got endless thrust even when just tootling around. If power is addictive, G70 owners may want to book a rehab appointment before taking delivery.  

2022 IS 350 | Photo: Lexus

These cars aren’t one-trick-ponies, suitable only for straight line performance, either. They both possess handling chops that make them properly fun to tackle a driver’s favourite twisty back road, and even if that road isn’t butter-smooth, there’s enough suspension sophistication to keep them on track. What’s more, both cars employ excellent rear-biased all-wheel-drive systems that mean traction is rarely a concern.  

Verdict & specs: best compact executive sedan topping our list

Heading into this comparo, we have to admit that we expected a pretty lop-sided result that would’ve shone a light on how old the Lexus is now despite its evolutionary updates. The reality is that these are both sensational cars and it’s easy to see why sales are increasing for both. 

The Lexus offers a level of driving engagement that’s becoming increasingly difficult to find in modern cars, and surprisingly, when optioned similarly, its pricing is very competitive with the Genesis.

The G70 is just a more modern approach to the sport sedan offering more tasteful styling and a lust-worthy drivetrain (plus its stellar value) that help it eke out a win between these two. If you’re buying a 4-door car, shop our used, certified sedans here.

Specs: 2022 Genesis G70 3.3T Sport vs 2022 Lexus IS 350 AWD


2022 Genesis G70 3.3T Sport

2022 Lexus IS 350 AWD

Base Price




3.3L twin-turbo V6

3.5L V6


8-speed automatic

6-speed automatic




Peak Horsepower

368 hp

311 hp

Peak Torque

376 lb-ft

280 lb-ft

Fuel Economy

13.5 / 9.1 / 11.5 L/100 km cty/hwy/cmb

12.2 / 9.0 / 10.8 L/100 km cty/hwy/cmb

Cargo Space

297 L

306 L

Standard wheel - inches



Curb Weight (kg)




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