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BMW iX Range & Specs: A Closer Look

Say what you will about its strange designs, with vehicles like the iX, BMW is proving how quickly it can adapt to the fast-moving EV race.

The switch to electrification in the automotive industry is revealing some interesting behaviors from carmakers. Some, like Tesla, have been ahead of the pack for a decade now, while others, like Honda, haven’t yet put to market a zero emissions vehicle in North America. 

Meanwhile, carmakers like BMW are slowly but effectively integrating the EV world with capable, efficient, and rather intriguing models like the iX. Here’s what to expect in terms of range, charging and specifications from BMW’s quirky zero emission SUV. If you’re curious how much used EVs cost, check out our pre-owned electric and hybrid SUVs here – where every vehicle passes an inspection and you’ve got a 7 day return guarantee. 

What kind of range and charging times can you expect from the BMW iX?

While it’s true that range in any electric car varies a lot due to a wide variety of different factors, like ambient temperature, driving habit, wind resistance and battery health, the BMW iX’s “ideal” range will also change according to the model and wheel packages you choose.

KM range for iX xDrive40, iX xDrive50, and iX M60

BMW iX M60 | Photo: BMW 

For instance, at the bottom of the lineup, there’s the iX xDrive40. According to Natural Resources Canada, that version of the iX can drive up to 322 kilometers when it’s wearing 20 or 21-inch wheels, and up to 320 kilometers with 22-inch wheels. 

Second up the lineup ladder is the iX xDrive50. When fitted with 20-inch wheels, that version is the range king, rated at 521 kilometers. What’s interesting here is that when equipping an iX xDrive50 with 21-inch wheels, range drops drastically down to 496 kilometers. However, if one decides to opt for the 22-inch wheel set, that range bounces back up to 512 kilometers. 

What is happening here? It all has to do with the overall design of the wheel, which creates wind resistance. That’s how sensitive electric vehicles are to aerodynamics.

Finally, at the top of the food chain sits the BMW iX M60, the high-performance version. Because its battery was tuned for maximum performance, range inevitably drops. With a set of 21-inch wheels, the M60 will drive up to 463 kilometers on a full charge. You’ll get 441 kilometers of range when opting for the 22-inch wheel package.

iX charging time expectations

As for charging times, those will also vary depending on the EV model you select. It’s however important to underline that just like range, charging performance can fluctuate depending on the charger you’re using, ambient temperature and battery health. 

BMW iX M60 | Photo: BMW 

BMW claims that the iX xDrive40 can accept a fast-charging rate of 150 kilowatts on a compatible fast charger. This translates to a 31-minute timeframe when charging from 10 to 80%. On a level 2 (240-volt) compatible home charger, expect 11 kilowatts of charging power, which equates to about 7 hours from a 10 to 100% charge.

In the xDrive50 and M60’s case, the fast-charging power is 195 kilowatts, or 39-minutes from 10 to 80%. On a home level 2 charger, expect about 11 hours to go from 10 to 100%.

Two BMW iX battery choices for Canada (US gets only one)

Another interesting technical detail about the entire iX lineup here in Canada is that we get a choice of two batteries while the American market only gets one. 

For instance, the xDrive40 is propelled by a nickel and cobalt-based, liquid-cooled lithium-ion unit that has a claimed usable energy capacity of 72.2 kWh (76.6 kWh gross). The xDrive50 and M60 crank the capacity of the battery up to 105.2 kWh usable (111.5-kWh gross).

BMW then tweaks the vehicle’s software to crank out different power and torque outputs, ranging from a humble 322 combined horsepower for the xDrive40 version, a more exciting 516 horsepower in the xDrive50, to a tire-shredding 610 horsepower in the ultra-fast M60. Here in Canada, the BMW iX comes standard with all-wheel drive thanks to dual motor technology (one motor installed on each axle).

A pricey battery-electric mid-size luxury crossover SUV

Being a BMW product means the iX isn’t exactly affordable, nor is it eligible for any form of EV rebate. A base xDrive40 kicks off at $82,792. The xDrive50 costs $95,802 and the M60 stickers at a whopping $128,462. That’s all before adding BMW’s highly expensive options, packages, paint colors and wheels. 

BMW iX M60 | Photo: BMW 

In all its forms, the iX is a highly intriguing machine. From its Hyperpop-inspired design to the vastness of its cabin, this BMW has nothing in common with the company’s other models. The iX is fast, no matter which version you choose. It’s also rock solid thanks to an EV-dedicated architecture, but its suspension is a tad too stiff for Canadian roads. 

Our favorite feature is the Hans Zimmer-designed pumped in audio. It changes according to the car’s drive modes and provides an audible rush during hard acceleration that makes it feel like a futuristic transportation device. The iX is weird alright, but it might just be the kind weird BMW needs to attract Tesla buyers into its showrooms.

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BMW iX Specs

Standard Battery Capacity

72.2 kWh usable (76.6 kWh gross)

Optional Battery Capacity

105.2 kWh usable (111.5 kWh gross)

Power & Torque 

xDrive40: 322 hp/465 lb-ft

xDrive50: 516 hp/564 lb-ft

M60 : 610 hp/749 lb-ft


xDrive40 w/20&21-inch wheels: 322 km

xDrive40 w/22-inch wheels: 320 km

xDrive50 w/20-inch wheels: 521 km

xDrive50 w/21-inch wheels: 496 km

xDrive50 w/22-inch wheels: 512 km

M60 w/21-inch wheels: 463 km

M60 w/22-inch wheels: 441 km

Fast Charging Power

xDrive40: 150 kW

xDrive 50 & M60: 195 kW

Onboard Charger

11 kW


118.1 inches


195 inches


77.4 inches

Gross Vehicle Weight

xDrive40: 5,534 pounds

xDrive 50: 5,707 pounds

M60: 5,697 pounds

Maximum Towing


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