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Tesla Cybertruck in Canada
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Feb 5, 2024

Tesla Cybertruck in Canada: Full Buyers Guide and Pricing

If you’re thinking of buying the highly-anticipated 2023 Tesla Cybertruck in Canada, you’ve come to the right place. Our full guide here includes expected release date, pricing expectations for all four Cybertruck models, a full look at the electric truck’s range & charging duties, a deeper look at the interior cabin, dimensions & storage specs, and a specification comparison to likely its biggest rival – the Ford F-150 Lightning.

Electric trucks will be very significant in Canada’s future automotive landscape. For nearly six decades, the Ford F-150's has been the best-selling truck in the country, and the best-selling vehicle overall since 2009. And for nearly as long as anyone can remember, trucks have made the top 10 (and often the top 5) best-selling vehicles overall. Quite literally, trucks are huge in Canada. 

A quick history of the Cybertruck’s origins

Tesla first tossed around the idea of building a truck as far back as 2014 but it wasn’t until midway through 2016 that plans began brewing for what is now known as the Cybertruck. A first teaser image was shared in early 2019 during the now ultra-popular Model Y’s launch. 

It was on November 21, 2019, some 10 months after Ford announced the all-electric F-150 Lightning at that year’s Detroit auto show, that the Cybertruck was first officially introduced to the world. 

And thus, was launched the race to be the first to market with an electric truck. Ultimately, Rivian won that sprint as they were the first to mass-produce and deliver an electric truck, the R1T. Here’s our look at the top 11 electric trucks in Canada sure to make an impact.

Pre-orders for Tesla’s electric pickup continue to surge

The Cybertruck’s impact was immense however as roughly a week later, Tesla reportedly held more than 250,000 pre-orders. By the summer of the following year, the Tesla Gigafactory, Texas, was confirmed as the manufacturing location. For a number of reasons including various part shortages and limited battery cell capacity, production has been delayed a few times.

Despite the Cybertruck’s “failure to launch”, pre-orders and reservations have continued to pour in. By all accounts, there are roughly 1.5 million people who’ve put a deposit down for the yet-to-be-built Tesla truck. In fact, the demand has been so overwhelming that Elon Musk has said that they had more than three years’ worth of orders. 

Canadians, and Americans, can still pre-order one, however, those who live outside of North America can no longer reserve one. A fully-refundable $150 deposit ($100 in the US) will get your name on the list. 



Release date: when is the Cybertruck coming to Canada?

At the time of writing, production was set to begin in 2023 at the Giga factory. More specifically, the first Cybertruck units should be rolling off the Giga Texas assembly line at the end of the first quarter (January – March). 

Tesla plans to complete the truck’s development by December of 2022 therefore, barring any other complications, the first US deliveries should take place in late spring or early summer of 2023. Canadian deliveries should begin right around the same time or shortly thereafter. 

The proposed production plan would see Dual Motor and Tri-Motor models assembled first followed by the Single Motor and Quad Motor versions. 



Cybertruck price in Canada: here’s what you can expect to pay

As far as pricing is concerned, they were announced some time ago meaning that they could and will likely be subject to change. Back in November of 2019, the US pricing structure looked like this: 

  • Single Motor RWD: $39,900 USD
  • Dual Motor AWD: $49,900 USD
  • Tri-Motor AWD: $69,900 USD
  • Quad Motor AWD: Not Available

Canadian 2023 Cybertruck pricing will likely be between $50,000 and $100,000-plus

Officially, Canadian prices have not yet been divulged. If we take the Tesla Model X as a yardstick, we can safely predict that CDN prices will be roughly 40% higher than in the US. This would mean that the base Single Motor RWD will retail for about $55,000 CDN while the Tri-Motor AWD version will hover around the $100,000 mark. 

And while the anticipated quad-motor AWD version US’ pricing is not yet known, we presume it will effortlessly reach and surpass $125,000 CDN. This is all before any provincial EV rebates and incentives.

If you’re buying a Tesla in Canada, also make sure to also read our resource: Tesla Financing & Car Loans in Canada: Here's How It Works



Cybertruck range, charging, and capabilities

Between 400 to 800 km electric range depending on the Cybertruck model

There will eventually be four iterations of the Tesla Cybertuck offered. Based on available information, the Single Motor RWD is the one with the fewest pre-orders. Its range is estimated at 250 miles (approximately 400 km). 

The bulk of pre-orders is almost evenly split between the Dual Motor AWD and Tri-Motor AWD versions. Respectively, they are expected to offer 300 miles and 500 miles (480 km and 800 km) of range. These figures are also subject to change as battery technology continues to evolve. 

Tesla’s V3 Supercharger

The Cybertruck will feature 4680 battery cells (claimed to be capable of producing six times the power with five times the energy capacity all the while reducing cost) which were first introduced in the recently updated Model Y SUV. 

An 800-volt system is apparently being considered to increase charging speed abilities. At an estimated 200 kWh, fast charging the truck’s battery will be a must. Thankfully, Tesla’s V3 Supercharger output has been increased to an impressive peak power of 324 kW from the previous 250 kW capacity.

Here’s more info on charging a Tesla (how much will it cost and how long will it take?).

Performance: 0-100 km/h in under 3-seconds & over 14,000 pounds towing capacity

As with all EVs, the Tesla Cybertruck will be quick. The slowest version, the Single Motor, will still reach 100 km/h from a standstill in only 6.5 seconds. The Tri-Motor will be a jet as it is expected to crush the sprint in no more than 2.9 seconds. Driving the Quad Motor iteration may require a fighter pilot license… 

Despite the speed, the Cybertruck will be capable of being put to work. The Single Motor is expected to tow 7,500+ lbs. The Dual Motor should be good for 10,000+ lbs, and the Tri-Motor, up to about 14,000 lbs. The Quad Motor should be able to manage even more weight.  



Tesla Cybertruck interior

The Cybertruck’s interior will follow Tesla’s well-established sparse layout, much like the Model 3 interior we reviewed here. The dashboard will be devoid of buttons and controls with one large exception. The central nervous system and all matters of functions will be accessible via the centrally mounted 17-inch touchscreen display. 

Cybertruck steering wheel gets the yoke-style treatment

To its immediate left, the driver will be faced with a yoke-style steering wheel first introduced with the ultra-fast Model S Plaid we put to test. Behind it is a small digital instrument cluster that also debuted with the latest Model S.

Seats up to 6 passengers

The cabin will feature seating for up to six passengers. The central position upfront, which serves as an armrest and storage bin when not in use, will fold up to reveal an extra seat. Meanwhile, the second row will include under-seat storage which can and will come in handy. The rearview “mirror” happens to be a digital display that projects video taken from a rear-facing camera. 



Dimensions and storage

The Cybertruck is deceptively large. Its overall length is only an inch shorter than the Ford F-150 Lightning and only 0.2 inches narrower (excluding side-view mirrors which were added to the latest Cybertruck prototypes). The Lightning is nearly 4 inches taller which possibly explains why the Cybertruck seems smaller.

The Cybertruck Vault

The bed, also known as the Cybertruck vault, measures 6.5 feet deep and can hold up to 100 cubic feet (2,832 litres) of stuff when combining the storage options including the frunk’s (front trunk) useable volume. Thanks to a flip-stop feature on the tailgate, the vault will handily handle 4-by-8-foot sheets of your building material of choice. 

It also hides an in-floor trunk able to accommodate a toolbox, similar to the one found on the Honda Ridgeline. But that’s not all when it comes to storage. There are hidden compartments in its sail pillars. 

The stainless-steel bed will include a stainless-steel ramp. Combined with the standard air suspension that can raise or lower the truck by four inches, it will make loading and unloading the vault a cinch. 

Also found in the rear will be an L-track cargo management system on each side, power outlets, as well as a standard air compressor. Finally, the vault is covered up by a motorized tonneau bed cover. 



2023 Tesla Cybertruck vs 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

  Ford F-150 Lightning

Tesla Cybertruck

Production dates

Production began in late April 2022

Expected to begin in the spring of 2023

Base Price

$68,000 CDN

$39,900 USD (approx. $55,000 CDN)

Standard Engine

Two inboard three-phase fixed magnet AC motors

Single rear-mounted motor standard / Available with dual, tri, and quad motor configurations

Battery Size

Standard-range pack: 98.0 kWh

Extended-range pack: 131.0-kWh

Largest pack: estimated at 200 kWh (possibly up to 240 kWh)

Power & Torque

Standard-range pack: 426 horsepower

Extended-range pack: 563 horsepower

775 lb.-ft. of torque


Width (excluding mirrors)

80 inches

79.8 inches


232.7 inches

231.7 inches

Maximum Towing 

10,000 pounds

14,000 pounds

Maximum Payload 

2,000 pounds

3,500 pounds

Ground Clearance

8.9 inches

16 inches (air suspension in highest position)

Front Trunk Volume / Bed Volume

14.1 cubic feet (400 litres) / 52.8 cubic feet (1,495 litres)

Total combined storage volume:  100 cubic feet (2,832 litres)


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