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The Top 4 SUVs of 2015

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In the meantime, another big decision on your mind may be to decide which type of vehicle you are going to buy. If, for example, you have already examined various vehicles and have selected a mid-size sports utility vehicle (SUV) as your top pick – then this is one decision you can quickly check off your list. With that being said, since there are many popular SUVs sold in Canada each year, your job isn’t over yet – you still have another major decision left to make.

Fortunately, compiled here is a list of the top 4 new SUV models sold in 2015, which is designed to assist you as you move closer to choosing an SUV model that will align with all of your most important driving needs and preferences.

1) Ford Escape

In Canada this year, the Ford Escape has continued to be one of the leading vehicles among other popular SUV models. Ranging in price from $23,799 – $34,499 – this price illustrates a reasonable value for a vehicle that has a lot of favourable driving features. Providing convenience and style, on top of a comfortable and roomy interior experience – the Escape is versatile and high ranking in terms of performance a well as its safety capabilities.

2) Nissan Rogue

Since 2011, Nissan has seen a rise in vehicle sales – with the Nissan Rogue at the centre on this current sales trend. In fact, this 2015 model has revamped many of its features from the previous year. The 2015 Rogue has evolved into a more spacious and stylish vehicle than ever before. Additionally, it also keeps up with the other SUVS in its category, in terms of safety, overall performance and a comparable price of $24,248 – $32,048.

3) Toyota RAV4

With a price range of $24,365 – $33,710 that follows suit with the first two SUV models on this list, Toyota’s smallest SUV the RAV4 also continues to be a very popular vehicle among many Canadian drivers. Similar in size to these other models, the RAV4 is steadfast in its performance, safety – with technology upgrades making it an all-around versatile vehicle choice. To emphasize its popularity even further – the RAV4 is in such high demand that it led the way in terms of January sales – a month that typically sees sluggish new models sales.

4) Honda CR-V

While the CR-V may not be the peppiest of vehicles when paired against other SUV models in its category, it does however offer many benefits that have kept it in contention in past years and presently in 2015. With regards to this model, Honda has focused its efforts even further towards cabin and storage space – features that actually rival larger SUVs in an upper price range. Speaking of price, the CR-V is valued between $25,990 – $36,540, and perhaps where it truly stands out is its fuel efficiency capabilities. While it is true that this model has fallen down a bit in the rankings this year versus the previous year’s model, in terms of Honda’s vehicle line up – the CR-V is still responsible for 30% of the company sales for 2015, thus keeping it right in the mix when it comes to SUV popularity.

Overall, the auto industry experienced a strong year in 2014, yet it’s experiencing a slight dip in 2015. Despite this, many of these sought-after SUVs continued to soar well into 2015 and into the driveways of drivers across Canada. With that being said, if you are considering an SUV as your vehicle model of choice this year – it appears you really can’t go wrong with the quality of SUVs you will have the opportunity to choose from.

As you can see, there appears to be enough good news to go around in the world of vehicle ownership – and in addition to selecting your favourite vehicle, by contacting us at Canada Drives, you can also benefit from our knowledge of the bad credit car loan process. Now with that new found awareness of what vehicles are available to you this year . . . the rest it is up to you. So which SUV driver’s seat do you envision yourself settling into?

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