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Top 3 Cars for Driving in the Rain

While contemplating buying a new car, most people will agree that there are plenty of important considerations to make. Some of these thoughts will include the type of vehicle, as well as what vehicles will be most affordable for you. With that being said, many potential car owners will approach buying a car by considering based such factors as, interior room & storage, the overall size of the vehicle, and also the overall appearance of the car. Another feature also likely to be included is vehicle performance. Now this category alone, can involve a variety of additional steps in the decision making process that will also need to be examined

One major factor to take into account here is to think about the types of weather conditions and road ways you will encounter the most. For example, as we are now seeing summer weather evolving into cooler fall temperatures, one weather condition that we can expect to see more of, is rain. So, wouldn’t it also make sense to factor in these kinds of driving conditions when choosing the proper vehicle?

One such vehicle feature that is known for being trustworthy when it comes to slick roads and at times treacherous conditions – is the All-Wheel Drive (AWD) component that is offered through a wide range of car models. AWD cars are designed as an automated vehicle system that sets in when drivers need it the most. For example, when the car sensors detect the wheels need more traction and torque in one particular end of the vehicle. As a result, drivers are more likely to avoid sliding and ultimately being involved in an accident.

In the end, whether it is the aforementioned wet-weather that has you seeking out a new AWD car or you wish to drive a car with an overall increased performance rating – one of the many AWD cars currently on the market could be the best course of action for you. While there have been many AWD vehicles that can be considered top contenders for fall driving this year, here are 3 cars that you may want to keep in mind as you search for a new vehicle to drive this upcoming Fall Season.

1. AWD Sedans

While there are certainly some pricier sedans that offer AWD assistance, including Audi and BMW models, for drivers who don’t want to spend as much on a vehicle, yet still benefit from the AWD feature in a vehicle of this size, the 2015 Subaru Impreza might just be the one. As another stylish sedan offering AWD as a feature, the Impreza holds its own among other leading mid-sized cars. With impressive safety features of its own, this Subaru model can provide drivers with the peace of mind they need to drive with on the slick fall roads, and with an added level of confidence.

2. AWD Small to Mid-Sized Sports Utility Vehicles

In this category, one of the vehicles that include various AWD models is the Toyota Rav 4. With three models to choose from starting from a less expensive package all the way up to the limited model, the Rav 4 has been known to perform well in slippery conditions. Furthermore, drivers can trust the AWD capabilities are an added bonus that can enable safe driving in wet fall weather and across all seasons as well – also with other benefits such as style, and upgraded technology to help with navigating their surroundings.

3. AWD Vans

On the hunt for more interior & storage space, as well as quality weather performance? Then you may find what you are seeking in another model from Toyota – the Sienna Minivan. It is true that all minivans are not created equally, especially in terms of having the handling capabilities that wet-weather roads may require. The Sienna, however, does come with AWD features, as well as maximum seating that can also accommodate up to 8 passengers.

Depending on which vehicle type you are searching for, it is great to know there are a variety of AWD and performance options to help drivers manage while driving in the trickiest of weather conditions. With that being said, it is always best to first assess your own situation and what is important for you. When the time comes to identify which features will contribute to a safe and reliable vehicle, this should also include the tires. To add to the performance and safety of any vehicle, it is important to have a set of good quality tires to also ensure safe driving – and AWD may also be a component you should prioritize as well.

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