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What Cars are Hot & Not in Canada

What models are making the cut, and which ones aren't

Whether you are already a car owner or are looking to make the purchase of your first vehicle, there will be many decisions and many options to choose between, including which vehicle make and model you will buy. Even with some model options already in mind, you may also be interested in knowing which vehicles top the list of most popular in your area – as well as which ones are on the opposite side of this scale and do not sell as well.


At the top of the leaderboard for car and truck sales in Canada, the most recent title for top vehicles go to the Honda Civic and the Ford F-150 Series pick-up trucks.

In fact, according to various automobile news sites, including autonet.ca – the Honda Civic has continued to reign over other vehicles in its category for many years now. Built right in Alliston, Ontario – the Civic remains one of the hottest cars in Canada for the past 17 years. In terms of truck sales, the Ford F-series pick-ups have been a popular option and best seller for drivers in this region for the 5th straight year. In terms of Canada, however this truck has been in the top of its field for closer to 50 years.

Some of the other runner ups for top vehicle sales across Canada include other small to mid-sized sedans like the Hyundai Elantra, the Toyota Corolla, the Mazda 3, the Chevrolet Cruze, and the popular Volkswagen Jetta.

Runner ups for best-selling vehicles, in the pickups and the sports utility vehicle (SUV) categories also include other Ford models such as the Ford Escape SUV, and the Chrysler Ram.

Again, if you are looking to base you decision on what has been found favourable among other drivers in your area, these vehicles are certainly ones to consider as you weigh your decision and select a car that makes the most sense for you.


Just as there are many cars that are seeing a surge across the country, there are of course others that have not fared as well in terms of popularity. In reality, many of these vehicles have been experiencing a decline in sales, in spite of the fact that it has been a relatively good season for the auto industry as a whole.

In terms of both percentage and volume decline, here is a list of some of the vehicles who have not been as readily sold in Canada and across the country this past year: The Chevrolet Orlando and the Hyundai Equus are both ranked fairly high on the ‘not so hot’ list this year. Furthermore, Kia models like the Optima and the K900 have also been more sluggish this year – with drivers opting for other vehicle models more of the time.

In terms of some of the higher valued vehicles, the Audi TT and the Acura RLX have been sold on a smaller scale this year as well and certain luxury car sales have also dropped like the Jaguar XK and the BMW 7-Series.

Not only have all of these vehicles been slower to sell, they have also experienced the fastest decline in sales overall in 2015, so it not necessarily reflective of the volume of sales or the number of vehicles manufactured across each category of vehicle.

One again, there are many decisions that can help guide you towards the most suitable vehicle. While you will have many lifestyle and financial reasons for being drawn to certain vehicles – you can also choose to look to what is a popular model or make among other drivers in your area.

If you are worried about using what’s hot & not to help your decision, you really shouldn’t think about it in a negative way. By using this information you are taking the prior insight from other drivers who have documented their satisfaction with certain models – and this can also help you to make a more informed decision about what is right for you.

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