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Top 5 Car Extras that are Worth It

How do you decide which additional features are worth the extra cost

When you are in the midst of purchasing a new vehicle, there will be many thoughts going through your head as well as many decisions you will need to make. As a part of this process you will choose your ideal vehicle, as well as which additional features you want to have included in your new vehicle package.

While this may seem like a decision as straightforward as they come, it can actually be somewhat daunting to sift through all of the extra features and determine which ones are worth the added costs and which ones are not. Well we want to make this a bit easier for you so we have compiled a list of the top 5 extras that you may want to consider as you are finalizing your vehicle purchase.

1) GPS Navigation

While you can purchase portable GPS systems from a variety of stores following the purchase of your vehicle, why not consider having one included at the time of purchase. One of the benefits of having a built in system versus a portable one has to do with the fact that the portable variety can be stolen from your dashboard. Not only does this cause some serious damage to the dashboard, is it an easier and more visible target for car thieves. These days GPS systems often come with voice activation and can be an extremely helpful resource, especially when you are driving on unfamiliar roads.

2) Wheel Protection

Depending on the type of driver you are or the amount of driving you do – you may place more wear and tear on your tires. As a result you may want to consider adding wheel protection to your vehicle package. This is important to keep in mind since replacing tires more often can be an extremely high ongoing expense. While different companies will offer specific features in this program, sometimes these plans offer up to a 5 year term for damaged wheels meeting a specific criteria.

3) Backup Cameras & Blind Spot Warnings

Backup cameras that offer rear view sight improvements that increase the level of safety when driving. When reversing in a drive way or parking lot, having this extra feature in the vehicle can really make a huge difference in your ability to see pedestrians, children, as well as other vehicles and avoiding a serious accident.

You may also want to consider a blind-spot warning alert system that will also enhance safe driving practices. Both of these safety features can offer better night-time vision, and help assess distances with more accuracy. All in all, it may be worth the extra money to have another ‘pair of eyes’ when driving.

4) Parking Sensors

Another safety feature you may want to opt for is the parking sensor component. This can be an invaluable extra that can help you when you are parking your vehicle in the trickiest of parking spots. Whether this driving takes place on a busy city street or various angles in parking lots, parking can be an added stress that can be avoided with some added help from a vehicle feature like this.

5) Full-Size Spare Tire

While many drivers also opt for a smaller spare tire, as a space saver and only for temporary use, sometimes, however, if can be best to have a full-size tire instead. While you may be able to get away with a smaller tire for emergencies only, in the event you will be driving long distances on a regular basis, then having a full-size tire to replace the flat tire with may also be worth having as an add-on. Ultimately, this feature could save you money as well as the hassle if your vehicle breaks down and the tire needs to be changed – and used for a prolonged distance.

All in all, you will need to think long and hard about which extras you will want to pay for. While some will be more useful for certain drivers than others – some of the extra safety feature add-ons may appeal to a broader range of driving habits. In the end, it is best to examine your own driving habits and decide for yourself – add-ons or no-add ons.

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