How to Make Your Tires Last
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How to Make Your Tires Last

Here are three rules that we believe one should follow to maintain the longevity of your wheels.

Buying new tires for your vehicle can cost you several hundred dollars, which is a pretty penny given the fact that in some provinces upgrading your summer tires to winter is mandatory. Even if seasonal tires are not required where you live, tires eventually need to be replaced. Aside from the obvious tire rotation every few months, there are steps that you can take to make sure that your tires live up to their 10-year warranty. Here are three rules that we believe one should follow to maintain the longevity of your wheels:

Inspect Regularly

It might not seem necessary, however inspecting the condition of your tires every couple of weeks will help you catch minor damage which could put you at serious risk on the road. Look out for anything stuck in the tires, leaks in the rubber or uncommon wear and tear on the treading. Give your tires a scrub with a bristled brush to help get rid of debris. Keeping an eye out for bumps and bruises on your tires will help you monitor their condition and save money in the future.

Air Pressure

Tires naturally lose air pressure over time, and exposure to drastic changes in temperature can lead to loss of pressure at a rapid rate. Your first priority when driving is safety on the road, and under or over-inflated wheels could be dangerous. It’s best to check the pressure of your tires every couple of weeks in the early hours of the morning before your vehicle has been driven. Air inside of a vehicle’s wheels will warm up after it’s been on the road or if exposed to heat. By doing this you will get an accurate measure of pressure which will protect not only the condition of your tires, but your investment too.


If you notice that your tires tilt away or toward the frame of your car, this means that the alignment is off. Faulty alignment leads to wear-and-tear on both the inside and outside of the rubber, which can shorten the lifespan of your wheels. If you stand directly in front of your vehicle and notice that the tires are crooked, take it to your local mechanic or fix it at home if you have the right tools on hand. You’ll be saving a ton of time and money if you catch this flaw early on!

Everything from weather to road conditions can affect your tires, however with care and the right storage they could last up to a decade. These three steps will only take a small amount of time, and they’ll be saving you a large investment down the road.

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