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Are Self-Driving Cars the Future?

It’s true, over the past decade we have seen some astonishing advances in technology in the automotive industry. Not only is it the unique and innovative aspects of these technologies that are so compelling, but also the speed at which we watch them develop that is all the more impressive.

Among these advancements are refined interior technology features such as touch screens and voice command services, updated safety capabilities, re-imagined engines and overall design of vehicles.

Probably the most exciting recent advancement in the automotive industry is the self-driving car! Many companies are already testing prototypes, and many more have announced their 5-year plans on producing self-driving cars.


In recent months, the US government has announced it is dedicated to unveiling self-driving cars. This plan is set to take shape as early as within the next six months. This eager response to the future of automated vehicles is also likely to mean that within the next 10 years, roadways all across the globe may be filled with vehicles that come with self-driving capabilities – and even automobiles that do not require the presence of a human driver at all.

With automakers such as Audi, Toyota and Tesla recently announcing their own five-year plans to bring forth autonomous vehicle models as well as vehicles that can perform self-driving capabilities, the auto industry appears to be headed for some rather momentous changes. Ultimately however, the future of these vehicles lies in the hands of government actions and policies moving forward. As such, only time will tell for sure whether this new-age technology will be able to proceed, bringing with it a new-era of vehicle design, performance, and of course mainstream accessibility.

In terms of the automobile industry as a whole, the world is on the cusp of evolving its current automotive technology with a large focus on improving safety as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This is a cause we have already seen and accounted for in the number of electric-engine vehicle options we now have access to.

Improved Safety

When it comes to safety concerns, computer-driven vehicles are expected to help reduce the occurrence of car accidents. A major driver behind the development of self-driving vehicles is that, in the event a collision is likely to occur, a vehicle with self-driving capabilities will have a faster reaction time compared to a human driver.

For example, while a self-driven vehicle could still be involved in a rear-end collision with a vehicle that has a human behind the wheel, a ‘robot’ or fully computerized vehicle would be able to use its advanced safety sensors to detect the impending collision. Then, it would maneuver itself further away from the other vehicle and minimizing the impact and overall severity of the crash.

Counteracting Parking Congestion

Even moving beyond the realm of safety and environmental concerns - self-driving vehicles are also being recognized as key instruments in our ability to counteract parking congestion in major city areas. Human-less vehicles altogether are a proposed solution to this issue as vehicles that merely drive from destination to destination all day, picking and dropping off people, will not be required to stop and park anywhere for an extended period of time. All in all, it isn’t a major stretch of the imagination to see how self-driven vehicles may be a strong response to many of our modern day driving dilemmas.

If the future of vehicle technology has you feeling inspired - perhaps it’s sparked the idea of buying a new vehicle of your own. While your dreams of owning a self-driving car may require a bit more patience, there are many exceptional vehicles available for purchase right now.

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