Your Weekly News Roundup for Oct 22nd: Warm-up Theft, Toyota LQ, and More

October 22, 2019

The latest and greatest automotive news highlights of the last 7 days in 60 seconds...

Canada gets wary of winter warm-up thefts

As temperatures plummet across the country, it’s common practice to let your car warm up before driving it to work on a frosty morning. But while many drivers leave their vehicles unattended with the keys in the ignition, that’s when criminal opportunists are known to strike. Warm-up thefts are starting to heat up in Toronto, Calgary, and other major cities. Police officials are warning drivers to be more vigilant with recommendations to help you avoid becoming a victim. 

Has a warm-up theft ever happened to you or anyone you know? Share your story and help spread awareness...

Vehicles posing reliability concerns in 2019

The best time to buy a new car may be at the end of the year, but some experts recommend steering clear of a few models leftover from last year’s inventory. Mechanical issues have been reported in the Cadillac XT4, Subaru Ascent, Jeep Cherokee, Acura RDX, Lincoln Nautilus, and Ram 1500.

Looking for a daily driver you can rely on? Check out our list of the most reliable cars in Canada. 

Toyota’s LQ: your new best friend? 

Forget Star Trek and Stranger Things; sci-fi fanatics can get their fix just by checking out any major car manufacturer’s R&D conceptual tech. 

For example, Toyota’s LQ packs some seriously mind-blowing AI. Their onboard virtual assistant “Yui” interacts with the driver by voice or illumination, and even emits fragrances! And when LQ drops you off at your destination, its “Automated Valet” technology enables the smart car to travel on its own to find a parking space! When it’s time to be collected, simply beckon the LQ, and it’ll come to pick you up!

What do you think? Is Toyota’s vision of the future upon us or is it still just a fantasy? 

What else is possible with autonomous vehicles? Read more about the future of self-driving cars in Canada.

Mini celebrates 60

Everyone remembers their first time in a Mini! First built in 1959, the iconically compact car turns 60 this year and a special edition has been released to mark the anniversary. Now in its third generation, much has changed about the Mini since the sixties, but it managed to retain its charming essence. There’s also an all-electric Mini Cooper on the way! 

What do you think of the new Mini? Would you buy one?

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