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The Rise of Tesla's New Battery

Like any change in modern technology, there comes a time when buying the new alternative just makes more sense.

At this point in time, electric vehicles take up a very small percentage of today’s global car market. Because of high cost, the gasoline industry isn’t worried about people drastically changing over to electric vehicles.

But should they be?

The Tesla Model S has recently been crowned as being the longest range electric vehicle in history. Fueling this car is the P100D – a new battery that allows a nonstop driving time (in temperate weather) of roughly 482.8km per single charge – the approximate distance between Toronto and Quebec. Alongside its longer battery life, the Model S is built to go from 0-97km in 2.9 seconds, making it the world’s fastest accelerating car in production. The performance and sustainability milestones that Tesla motors is launching are wheel-turning for the car industry, and the future of electric vehicles has never looked brighter.

Batteries account for 1/3 of the total cost of an electric vehicle, and upgrading a car battery to a better version can be as much as $10,000. However, since last year a 35 per cent drop in battery prices has made electric vehicles more affordable, and projections show that by 2020 they will cost less than $22,000. As pricing for these vehicles starts to decrease they’ll become higher in demand, eventually sweeping their gasoline counterparts under the rug.

With electricity being generated from wind and solar energy, Tesla motors has created a novelty that is both eco-friendly and perfectly suited for the digital era. Electric cars have developed an entirely new concept of automobiles, one that provides digital features, interactions and experiences that gasoline-fueled cars couldn’t even fathom. Stats show that if electric vehicles keep advancing at the rate that they are, 35 per cent of all vehicles worldwide will have a plug within the next four years.

Humans know best, when a new efficient, attractive and smart gadget is created, it’s hard to disregard.

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