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Best 2020 Electric Cars In Canada
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7 Best 2020 Electric Cars In Canada

With current shortages in the automotive industry and long waiting times for new models, the second-hand EV market has never been so in demand. Here’s a list of what we feel were the 7 best electric vehicles in Canada in 2020 to guide you while you shop.

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7) 2020 Nissan LEAF

2020 LEAF | Photo: Nissan 

Who is this for? Consumers who have short commutes and seeking a reliable urban EV.

Top features: 

  • Affordability of second-hand models
  • Proven reliability
  • Easily swappable battery

The Nissan LEAF has one important flaw: its battery is air-cooled, meaning that during a cold Canadian winter, its range drops considerably. But if you look at it as a cheap urban electric vehicle, the package is just about perfect. 

The LEAF has proven itself many times over from a reliability standpoint and it’s not an expensive car to run. The LEAF’s straight forward technology makes it super easy to swap the battery, so if the old one has lost its range, an EV specialist can easily install a new battery.

6) 2020 Volkswagen e-Golf

2020 e-Golf | Photo: VW 

Who is this for? Consumers looking for a second EV in the household or that simply don’t need a lot of range for urban use.

Top features:

  • It’s a Golf, that’s electric!
  • Well put together and fun to drive
  • Surprisingly spacious considering its small size

Volkswagen may now be focussing on its ID range of electric vehicles, including the new VW ID.4 crossover, but the one that started it all was the e-Golf. Yes, it’s true that second-hand examples are hard to find and prices remain high. That’s because everyone who bought an e-Golf absolutely adores their vehicle. 

If you do get your hands on one, you’ll probably love it too since you’ll essentially be getting a Golf but without the expensive gas bills. The seventh-generation Golf, also known as the MK7, is an overachiever: it’s built like an Audi, drives like a little sports car and boasts more cargo space than some subcompact crossovers. Extra bonuses go to the Spektrum range of punchy colors this car came with as an option. 

5) 2020 Kia Soul EV

2020 Soul EV | Photo: Kia 

Who is this for? Budget-minded families who need good range and cargo space but at a low price point.

Top features:

  • Youthful looks
  • Spacious and practical
  • Different range options

The Kia Soul is the one that survived a dead trend. No other box-shaped vehicle has lived this long. And in electric form, Kia’s charming urban runabout suddenly became much more attractive. Its boxy design means that it’s spacious inside, even if it’s a small car on the outside. 

When new, consumers could buy these things with two available batteries according to their needs. The smaller one granted 248 km of range, while the larger battery was good for 383 km, which is more than enough for a daily commute.

4) 2020 Hyundai Kona Electric

2020 Kona Electric | Photo: Hyundai 

Who is this for? Budget-minded couples looking for the most range for the price.

Top features:

  • The range is still competitive by today’s standards
  • Quick and fun to drive
  • Winter mode helps it perform well in the cold

The Hyundai Kona Electric was one of the first affordable EVs when it was released in 2019. The Kona was also one of the first affordable electric vehicles to offer more than 400 km of range. 

Add to that a good format that makes it look and feel like a hot hatchback, impressive acceleration and a battery to manage its energy during harsh cold weather thanks to a winter mode, and this is by far one of the smartest EVs in the second-hand car market.

3) 2020 Kia Niro EV

2020 Niro EV | Photo: Kia 

Who is this for? Small families looking for good cargo room without having to sacrifice on range.

Top features:

  • Station wagon looks
  • Why is this thing so quick off the line?
  • Class-competitive range

Yes, the Niro EV is a mechanical twin to the Soul EV and Kona Electric, but it has a few tricks up its sleeve that allow it to be, well, better. There’s more storage space, notably in the massive center console. It’s also a tad longer than a Soul, meaning its trunk has more usable cargo space. 

We also like the fact that it looks like a small station wagon. Although Kia claims a 383-km range like the Soul, the Niro outperforms and can actually pull more than 400 km on a single charge. We’re not sure why, but we like that it does. 

We give it extra points for being so darn quick off the line. Beware: if you dare remove traction control, this thing loves roasting its front tires.

2) 2020 Tesla Model 3

2020 Model 3 | Photo: Tesla 

Who is this for? Consumers looking for the most technically advanced electric sport sedan of the second-hand EV market.

Top features:

  • A lot of range for such a small battery
  • Tesla’s Supercharger charging network makes public fast charging a breeze
  • Drives like a German sport sedan

The Model 3’s list of qualities is long. If you can find a clean example that’s been well taken care of, and that’s equipped with a wrap and the proper mud guards, it’s a keeper. 

Even in its most basic form, the Model 3 accelerates fast and is composed in a corner, making it feel like an electric BMW 3 Series. Its range surpasses anything else in this class. Even some new EVs can’t manage to keep up with it. And the fact that the car continuously updates itself allows it to remain relevant, even if it’s a few years old.

Here’s our review of the Tesla Model 3 interior.

1) 2020 Tesla Model Y

2020 Model Y | Photo: Tesla 

Who is this for? Young families who appreciate Tesla’s state of the art technology but would rather have it in a more usable SUV package.

Top features:

  • More cargo room than anything in its class
  • Range that’s still unbeaten today
  • Faster than most gasoline sports cars

The Model Y is essentially a Model 3 that’s been slightly lifted and fitted with an SUV body. Underneath its skin hides the same battery and electric motors as a Dual Motor Model 3, meaning this utility vehicle will drive more than 500 km on a single charge, all while accelerating like a high-end sports car

But it’s the level of cargo space that’s impressive. Because it has both a trunk and a frunk (front trunk), the Model Y is by far the most practical compact SUV on the market, more even than its main current rivals, the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Volkswagen ID.4.

Considering a Tesla as your next vehicle? Make sure to read our Tesla Financing & Car Loans in Canada story.

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