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Top 10 Cars Available in Canada but NOT in the U.S.

Are you on cloud nine, thinking about the idea of buying a new car? While it may be thrilling to envision yourself driving your new car around town, at the same time you will have some important decisions ahead of you.

This process however does not need to be a daunting one. Instead, if you can ensure you are making all the best choices based on your current situation so you can experience a smooth transition into owning a new vehicle.

While your financial situation is likely to play a key role in which vehicle you can afford, the availability of cars will also play a factor in this decision. While there are various types of criteria and features that will impact the vehicle model you are choosing, one such category that may also interest you and can help you narrow down your search, is a list of cars offered exclusively in Canada, however not in the U.S. markets.

Here are 10 cars you can find across Canada that may spark your interest as well as matching up with all of your driving needs:

#1: Chevrolet Optra

The Chevrolet Optra is just one of the vehicles to come out of Chevy’s auto-book to make this list. While there are other versions of this car in other regions around the globe, for example the Chevrolet Cobalt sold in the U.S., the Optra however is sold remotely out of Canada. Ultimately, the Optra is functionally similar to its American counterpart in many ways, including vehicle size – it is known for being less expensive when sold in Canadian markets.

#2: Buick Allure/LaCrosse

From the Buick catalogue, the Allure is a well-known mid-sized luxury vehicle that has been around for over a decade. In North America, it replaced the older model – the Century Regal since 2005. It also went on to replace other previous models in the following years and while known as the Buick Lacrosse in the U.S., in Canada, even its 2016 models still carry the Allure name and appeal to many Canadian drivers and businesses.

#3: Chevrolet Epica

A second Chevrolet model also making this list is the Chevy Epica. This 6 cylinder engine sedan is the Canadian version of the South Korean, Daewoo Tosca. While this vehicle was discontinued in past years, due to slower sales – it has a rich history of being widely sold in Canada, Latin America, China, Europe, Arabia and Micronesia, and aside from in the U.S. territories of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands, it never moved into other regions in the U.S.

#3: Chevrolet Orlando

Number 4 on this list is the Chevy Orlando. Alternatively known as the Chevy Cruze, the Orlando version is sold across Canada as well as several other countries, with of course the exception of the United States. This seven-seater is a taller version of a typical lower-to-the- ground wagon, selling for a reasonable base price of around $20,000 across Canada.

#5: Pontiac Wave

In Canada you will find you also have sole access to the Pontiac Wave. In addition to its Canadian model, this vehicle was branded in other parts of the globe as the Daewoo Dentra and also known at one time as the Suzuki Swift. Of course, as the Pontiac name came to an end and Chevy took the reigns – the Chevy Aveo may now be a more recognizable name for this small and sleek hatch-back, once known to us in parts of Canada as the Pontiac Wave.

#6: Acura CSX

Replacing the Acura EL which was introduced in 1996, the Acura CSX was built in Honda’s Ontario plant and sold to Canadians beginning in 2005. The CSX is actually based on another well-known vehicle, the Honda Civic – although Acura’s version comes with its own unique front and rear panelling. Subsequently, an even newer model has since replaced the CSX – and this new luxury Acura sedan is available in Canada and in the U.S – withe CSX remaining a more exclusively Canadian option.

#7: Volkswagen City Golf/Jetta

While the VW Golf has been around for some time now, it has also been known as the VW Rabbit in the U.S. and in Canada. Fetching a price of closer to $20,000 in Canada, where in the U.S. it was closer to $15,000. As it would seem, this resulted in the need for many Canadians to turn to importing the U.S. model in order to save some money. VW however, then decided to release less costly models from previous generation, re-introducing them as the City Golf and the City Jetta. These cars have gone on to remain a popular and affordable vehicle choice among Canadian drivers.

#8: Volkswagon Golf Wagon

Another Volkswagen vehicle sold exclusively in Canada, is the VW Golf Wagon. While other VW wagon models, such as the Jetta Wagon have sold all throughout North America, in 2010, this vehicle was reintroduced as the Golf Wagon and sold only in Canada. Furthermore, drivers of this model could now take advantage of the newly-designed TDI diesel engine, not previously available in Canada prior to 2010.

#9: Nissan X-Trail

From the Sports Utility Vehicle category, the Nissan X-Trail crossover SUV takes up the number 9 spot. While this vehicle has been in existence since 2001, at that time it was actually only sold in the United States. For a rather brief time period however, the X-Trail was available in Canada from 2004 – 2006. Although this vehicle was replaced the following year by the Rogue – the X-Trail still can be seen on our roads today and for a short time found its place solely in Canada.

#10: BMW 320i

Lastly, poised at number 10 is the BMW 230i. The BMV 320i can be found in Canada, finding its niche as less turbocharged horsepower version of the United States models, the X1, X3, Z4, and the 5-series. Reasonably priced in Canada, it also goes for approximately 600 hundred dollars less that the 3-series sold in the U.S. Also better on gas – Canadian drivers can perhaps prioritize the fuel efficiency over the horsepower in many cases.

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