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3 Top Summer Car Maintenance Tips for the Canadian Driver

Many of us you may equate the summer months with kinder weather conditions on our car, but summer comes with its own set of vehicle maintenance tasks that should be performed in order to keep your car running smoothly

Many of us you may equate the summer months with kinder weather conditions on our car, but summer comes with its own set of vehicle maintenance tasks that should be performed in order to keep your car running smoothly.

If you are about to buy a car, there is a lot to think about. First you need to identify what car you want, then what’s your budget and most likely find a means to finance it. At Canada Drives, we can help to connect you to a loan provider who may be able to help you finance that car. Once you get the financing and are driving in your new wheels, you’ll then have to think about caring for your car. Here are 3 of the top tips you should look at incorporating into your summer car maintenance checklist.

Tip #1: Tire Check

Your tires are one of the most common causes of vehicle breakdowns. During the summer time, drivers may be on the roads longer – whether due to driving to work or setting out on a summer road trip. While taking your vehicle to the dealership can be an effective part of your summer vehicle maintenance plan, there are also some fairly simple steps you can also take on your own. You can start by taking a look at the condition of your tires to make sure they are in good condition.

More specifically, you can examine the rubber and make sure it still has a good level of tread left and if you see that there is any uneven wear. If the tire wear does not appear even, this may indicate a vehicle alignment problem. Fortunately, some vehicles have built in tread, depth-wear identification technology and this can help you assess this situation. This part of the maintenance can help save you time and money, as you continue to drive this summer.

Additionally, you will also want to check the level of inflation of the tires and make sure they are suitable for the vehicle and for the time of year. Particularly after the colder weather when lower temperatures has caused inflation levels to drop, you will want to reassess the pressure to make sure it is at the correct level. It is ideal to check the pressure when the tires are cooled, since when it is still warm from use the pressure may appear higher. In the end, by checking that the tire pressure is correct, you can make sure your vehicle is working as efficiently as possible – and you may also notice an improvement in your gas to mileage ratio as well.

Tip #2: Coolant & Fluids Check

Secondly, you should make sure all vehicle fluids are at the correct levels. Making sure your coolant system is working properly is important to the function of your engine. Coolant hoses and belts need to be free of tears and cracks – and the belts should be tightened. You can have your dealership or vehicle service shop help assess these.

The fluids that may be more easily maintained by you can include, making sure the wiper fluid and oil levels are adequate. Once again, you can have all of these, including a filter change performed as a part of your servicing each season. Most importantly, these are ongoing vehicle maintenance tips to perform all year round, and these can be a key aspect of your servicing prior to the summer driving months, making sure you are operating a vehicle that is a safe match for the warmer temperatures.

Tip # 3: Air Conditioning Check

One function of our vehicle that gets a lot of use during the summer is sure to be the air conditioning. With the sun and heat blasting through the windows, having a properly operating A/C can be a relief. While some drivers may prefer to have the windows open and their hair blowing in the breeze, many of us instead also enjoy the using the A/C as a way to maintain driver and passenger comfort. Additionally, the added bonus of using the A/C with the windows up has also proven to be more fuel-efficient when driving.

While it is important to have your air conditioning unit checked once a year, you may want to pay more attention to this feature prior to any summer driving. One method of easily identifying whether the A/C is functioning properly is whether or not you notice it getting cold enough when you turn it on. If your A/C does not seem to be regulating the interior of your vehicle properly, then this may mean there is a possibility of a leak. Having the air conditioning unit checked on a more regular basis, can help you avoid getting to this point.

Ultimately, driving during the summer comes with its own set of factors that need to be addressed. If you can use some common sense towards your vehicle as well as staying on top of certain time-sensitive areas of its maintenance, you can have a more successful driving experience all year round.

Don’t let poor vehicle condition ruin the adventures you have been looking forward to this summer. Contact Canada Drives to help you with the financing of your new car and then make the effort to add a little bit of extra vehicle TLC, so you can make the most of the summer driving months.

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