The Top 5 Vehicles with the Best Fuel Consumption

January 20, 2016

With frequent gas price fluctuations, fuel consumption has become one of the most important factors to individuals who are considering buying a new vehicle.

If one of your 2016 goals is to buy a new vehicle, and fuel consumption is an important factor to you, we have compiled a list of some of the leading vehicles with the best fuel consumption rates - to help you make a decision. Not only are many of these cars able to offer you peace of mind in terms of safety and reliability, they can also help you save money on gas.

1) The Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is known as an environmentally-friendly vehicle, and when it comes to fuel consumption it is one of the best. This compact car performs extremely well with both highway and city driving, in terms of miles per gallon (mpg) usage, and is likely to cost you less than $50 to fill up its tank.

2) The Lexus CT 200H

Not only is this vehicle sleek and stylish, but its fuel consumption is also excellent - making city and highway driving a joy without the constant interruption of having to refuel. This Lexus model is top-rated in terms of mileage per gallon, with a fuel expenditure of only 5.9L/100km on highways, and 5.5L/100km on city streets - making this vehicle a top contender on our list.

3) The Ford Fiesta

This compact car is suitable for city and highway driving, and in terms of its performance it takes safety and stability to heightened levels. Although city driving scores fall around 8.5L/100km, for commuters this vehicle utilizes closer to 6.5L/100km when venturing out of the city - making highway driving an even more fuel-efficient experience.

4) The Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a highly popular car choice in terms of fuel efficiency. In fact, there are many reasons why the Civic is seen all over our roadways. Not only does this car have driving enthusiasts feeling like it is a reliable and affordable choice in terms of the actual price tag, it can also offer an overall impressive value in terms of the efficiency of its fuel consumption. On both highways and city roadways, the Civic offers an overall low mileage per gallon and is very competitive when compared to some of the other best fuel consumption models in its category.

5) The Volkswagen Jetta

Another favoured smaller vehicle option among many Canadian drivers, is the Volkswagen Jetta. While this car is still classified as a compact car, it offers a bit more interior space than some of the others. With style and a smooth ride being one of its top selling points, being a fuel-efficient vehicle is also one of its major bonus features. With a mileage of 9.5L/100km during city driving and only 6.9L/100km while navigating the highways, this Volkswagen model may be an all-around excellent choice for sedan drivers wanting to have the best of both worlds.

While these five cars are ranked among the highest of fuel-efficient vehicles, if you are looking for something that is a bit larger, yet will still enable you to save at the pump, stepping into an SUV may also be a suitable choice for you.

Among the SUVS representing the best fuel-consumption options, the leading models include the Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid and the Mazda CX-3 Touring , both with an average mileage per gallon (mpg) rating as high as 28. With that being said, you may also want to focus your attention on the Honda HR-V LX with an mpg efficiency as high as 29. All in all, these are superb examples of vehicles that can offer more passenger and cargo space, all while not compromising your desire for a fuel efficient vehicle.

Now that you have had a glimpse of some of the vehicle options that offer fuel-efficiency, and can help you get the most out of city and highway driving, perhaps you have a better idea of which vehicle will be the right fit for you.

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