2022 Chrysler Pacifica Vs 2022 Toyota Sienna
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2022 Chrysler Pacifica Vs 2022 Toyota Sienna

Minivans long ago lost the popularity contest as the favorite family vehicle to SUVs. This explains why most died off, unloved and uncool. The segment, though very small in Canada, has recently been completely rejuvenated. Truth be told, minivans have never been better.

Here’s another truth: SUVs are nowhere near as functional or utilitarian as minivans. SUVs massively beat out minivans for two main reasons. One, the “coolness” factor; and the other is the general absence of all-wheel-drive versions. Two of the four currently available minivans in the country now can include AWD traction. 

All-wheel drive sets these minivans apart

The Chrysler Pacifica is the latest people-mover to get power sent to all four wheels. Toyota has offered AWD as an option on its minivans for a very long time and remains a possibility on the current generation Sienna. 

It is this feature that brings these two minivans together. The remaining two minivans, the Honda Odyssey and Kia Carnival (and Chrysler Grand Caravan or pre-facelifted Pacifica) are available with FWD only. 

Both the Sienna and Pacifica also offer hybrid technology along with AWD capability. But even so, powertrain configurations vary significantly. Let’s see how they fare in this comparison.


  • Our Pick: Chrysler Pacifica
  • Why we like it: Ironically, it’s more SUV than minivan.

Photo: Chrysler 

This is not to say that the Sienna fits the description of a typical minivan. Toyota’s entry in the segment borrows styling cues from the GR Supra blended into a fairly substantial and bullish-looking minivan. Toyota designers have made efforts to move the Sienna away from the traditional boxy shape once associated with these vehicles. 

The Chrysler Pacifica wins this bout based principally on its more upscale lines. This minivan is also more conventionally styled which may please generally conservative buyers. When considering upper trims such as the Pinnacle, platinum chrome touches such as the door handles and roof rack, and the 20-inch wheels settle the debate. 

If anything, the minivan has extensively evolved away from the single-box design it was once known for and recognized by. 


  • Our Pick: Toyota Sienna
  • Why we like it: The Sienna’s cabin is first and foremost about functionality. 

Photos: Chrysler, Toyota 

Here, the Pacifica wins numerous points based on presentation. The Chrysler’s dashboard specifically is upscale, something we appreciate, as it looks like it could be lifted from any premium SUV. Materials, fit, and finish are exemplary and there’s a real sense that form matters most. 

Within the Toyota Sienna, it’s all about function. The dashboard may not be as elegant, but its true purpose is catering to the job of being the family vehicle par excellence. The sheer amount of storage options and thoughtful touches such as the parcel shelf that travels the length of the dashboard is proof that Toyota understands family needs. 

Pacifica interior's fold-in-floor seats a major plus

The Pacifica has quite an ace up its sleeve though, and it is the brand’s unique second-row Stow ’n Go fold-in-floor seats. For all versions save for those with the second-row captain seats, this feature all but effortlessly transforms the Pacifica into a true utility vehicle. The extra storage created by the bins, when not in use, is wonderful. This accessory does however limit second-row seat travel, restricting passenger legroom. 

The Sienna’s second-row offers more occupant room flexibility as, depending on trim, can include long-slide captain seats. Either way, the Toyota delivers more legroom making it easier to position kids in their seats. 


  • Our Pick: Toyota Sienna
  • Why we like it: Efficiency and near compromise-free AWD traction win the day. 

Photo: Toyota 

Although both the Chrysler Pacifica and Toyota Sienna can optionally feature AWD, the approach is very different. 

Chrysler has a plug-in hybrid version of the Pacifica. It is capable of travelling an estimated 51 km in all-electric mode however that figure varies wildly depending on road conditions, ambient temperatures, and driver demands. Although rated at a combined 8.0L/100km, the reality is that, as the PHEV is 500lbs heavier than the regular FWD Pacifica, its real-world fuel consumption will turn out to be higher. 

Pacifica less fuel-efficient compared to Sienna's hybrid-only offering

Furthermore, the AWD Pacifica has demonstrated a surprising thirst for fuel. Reviewed examples have consumed as much as 15L/100km in combined normal driving. There is an upside however as this Chrysler’s AWD system consists of a power transfer unit that automatically connects or disconnects the rear axle depending on driving conditions and needs. 

The Sienna is solely available as a hybrid. The optional AWD system involves the addition of an extra electric motor mounted on the rear axle. Although the AWD iteration is about 135lbs heavier, fuel consumption is unaffected. If you’re considering the non-AWD version, here’s our 2021 Toyota Sienna XSE FWD review.

On the road, both vans are generally comfortable and stable. The Pacifica isn’t quite as refined or quiet as expected but performance is good. The Sienna’s hybrid powertrain is less energetic than either Pacifica version, the trade-off being impressive overall efficiency with or without AWD.

Verdict & specs: which minivan is worth buying?

The constant threat posed by high gasoline prices puts the Toyota Sienna at the top of the minivan segment. The bottom line is that the Sienna can do everything the Pacifica does in one single package. 

The Toyota Sienna is also less expensive to purchase, truly easier on fuel than any other minivan, and its cabin is better adapted to families. For example, it’s got longer handles for kids to grab when climbing into the second row. Details like these really matter. 

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Specs: 2022 Chrysler Pacifica vs 2022 Toyota Sienna


Toyota Sienna

Chrysler Pacifica

Base Price




2.5L I4 w/Hybrid Synergy Drive

3.6L V6

Optional Engine


3.6L V6 Hybrid 


Electronically Controlled CVT (ECVT)

9-speed automatic

Optional Transmission


eFlite Electrically Variable Transmission




Maximum Horsepower



Maximum Torque



Fuel Economy (City/Highway/Combined L/100km)

FWD: 6.6/6.5/6.5

AWD: 6.8/6.6/6.7

FWD: 12.4/8.4/10.6

AWD: 14.1/9.4/12

PHEV: 8.0/7.9/8.0

Seating Capacity 

Up to 8

Up to 8

Cargo Space Behind 3rd Row / Behind 2nd Row

949L / 2,129L

915L / 2,478L

Towing capacity 

1,585 kg

1,633 kg

Basic Warranty

3 years or 60,000 km

3 years or 60,000 km

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