Mazda3 Recall: Your Next Steps

April 16, 2019

Mazda has issued a recall, affecting 51,682 Mazda3 vehicles in Canada from model years 2016-18. The automaker released a statement regarding an electrical problem that could cause front windshield wipers to stop working.

On April 15, 2019, Mazda North America issued a recall for all 2016-18 Mazda3 vehicles.

The automaker released a statement revealing that windshield wipers were in danger of failing to work because of a defective relay disrupting electrical power to the wiper motor. Metal deposits form during normal operation because of the heat the wipers generate, but the relay becomes defective when its contacts get sticky. As a result, drivers may find their wipers stop working, leading to poorer visibility.

Who’s Affected?

Mazda states there have been no reported crashes or injuries related to the defect, but considering the wipers could be affected at any time, is urging prompt repair.

The recall affects just shy of 200,000 Mazda3 vehicles in North America, which includes the 51,682 vehicles confirmed by Transport Canada.

What Should You Do?

Mazda is informing affected vehicle owners by mail and encouraging them to go to an authorized Mazda dealer to repair the defect free of charge. Dealers will swap out the front body control module for an improved one that will not cause wipers to get stuck. Mazda says it has the requisite number of parts to complete the job for all affected vehicles.

Enter your VIN at this link to learn more about this recall and find out if there are other Service Actions related to your vehicle.


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