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Ford Recalls Over 25,000 SUVs in Canada for Faulty Rear Toe Link

Ford Motor Company has issued a recall for more than 25,000 Ford Explorer SUVs in Canada and another 350,000 in the US due to a potentially faulty rear suspension toe link.

Date of recall: November 4, 2020

Recall campaign number: 20S62

Vehicles affected 

This recall affects 25,200 Ford Explorer models in Canada and approximately 350,000 units in the United States, ranging from 2013 to 2017. Currently, only models built at the Chicago Assembly Plant between September 4, 2012, and January 25, 2017 fall within the recall. 

What’s the problem?

On vehicles that have had a previous safety recall performed, the rear suspension toe links could experience a fracture on the outer section. The toe link aids the rear suspension in applying a downward force on the rear wheels, and a broken toe link could result in a significant decrease in steering control that leads to a crash.

Indications of toe link failure include clunking from the rear end when driving, a feeling of floating or decreased steering response, and increased wear on the rear tires. 

To date, Ford knows of 13 accidents related to broken toe links that resulted in six injuries as a result of this deficiency. 

What’s the fix?

For Explorers affected by this recall, dealerships will perform a torque inspection on the cross-axis ball joint to check its condition. Components found to be deficient will be replaced at no charge to owners. 

What do you do?

At this time, Ford has issued the recall in Canadian provinces and American states where corrosion is common. If your vehicle is one of those that fall within the manufacturing range and geographic area, you will be notified by mail with a recall campaign card. To check if this recall or any others are outstanding on your vehicle, check the Ford recall website with your 17-digit VIN. 

If the recall applies to your 2013 to 2017 Ford Explorer, make an appointment at your local Ford dealership to arrange for the inspection or repair. 

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