Tesla Model Y Interior Review
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Tesla Model Y Interior Review

Considering Tesla's compact Model Y crossover? Here’s a deep dive into the EV’s interior, with a closer look at all the key features, how the Tesla app and guest key car make life easier, and that single massive touch screen’s ability to do it all. Jump down to the Tesla Model Y interior specs here:

The Tesla Model Y arrived in 2020 already ahead of the competition that still hadn’t been released, EVs like the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Volkswagen ID.4. And even now, with two fresh and seriously competitive South-Korean EVs that come in the form of a Hyundai IONIQ 5 and a Kia EV6, the Model Y is still comfortably ahead of the pack, especially from a technical standpoint.

One of its most striking features, however, is its interior. Here’s a quick rundown of the Model Y’s cabin features. If you're shopping for now, view all our used Teslas for sale here.

Main features inside the Model Y

Model Y vs Model 3 interior differences

It’s no secret that the Model Y utilizes parts and components from the Model 3 compact sedan. This SUV does however have a tad longer wheelbase (15 mm), resulting in a longer vehicle overall (+56 mm). The Model Y also has a wider track.

Here’s our full review of the Model 3 interior.

This is all translated to more cabin space inside. The Model Y has a higher roof line than a Model 3, so entering its cabin is much easier, which tall drivers will appreciate. Inside, the Model Y’s interior feels vast and tremendously spacious. There’s an airy feeling thanks to a relatively low beltline and lots of glass, notably the extra long windshield that stretches all the way to the roof.

Photo: Tesla

Problems with the Model Y’s cabin

One area where the Model Y falls short next to its rivals, in its overall build quality. Tesla did address some early panel gap and quality control issues, but the Model Y’s interior still can’t rival the build quality of a Volkswagen or even a Kia. Misaligned parts, cabin rattling when driving over imperfect tarmac and flimsy materials all lead to a low rent experience.

Uncluttered dashboard layout

Like the Model 3, this compact crossover only has a central command screen as a dashboard. The rest is just as clean and uncluttered as in a Model 3, appearing almost like a copy and past act. The Model Y is however much more spacious inside, those larger dimensions are immediately felt inside.

Rear passenger seats, legroom, head clearance, and rear cargo space

Photo: Tesla

This extra space makes the rear seat become a massive place to spend some time, with plenty of leg and head clearance, even for tall passengers. And if five passengers aren’t enough, Tesla will sell you a seven-passenger option thanks to third row seating ($4,000).

The Model Y is equipped with a frunk (front trunk). This boosts its total cargo space. As a matter of fact, this Tesla is the most spacious electric compact crossover in its class, with a total cargo space (seats folded flat + frunk) of 2,158 liters.

Tesla app and Model Y interior work together

The Model Y already knows you’re coming in its direction. Using an app on your smartphone, the vehicle senses that you’re approaching. The Model Y unlocks its doors and activates itself the moment you sit inside. Simply shift it into D using the stalk located on the right-hand side of the steering column. Hit the accelerator pedal and you’re off.

A guest key card for family and friends

Say you need to lend your car to a friend or a family member. They don’t necessarily have the Tesla app installed on their phone. For such situations, the Model Y comes with a guest key card, like in a hotel.

Photo: Tesla

To unlock the car, your guest simply needs to tap the card onto the car’s B pillar (towards the right-hand side of the driver’s door). Once inside, your friend or family member needs to place the card onto the center console for the Model Y to fire up.

Meanwhile, you can monitor their every move via the Tesla app on your phone or unlock the doors for them this way. The Model Y is also constantly checking its surroundings using cameras located on its fenders, doors and inside its cabin.

Here's more info on everything the Tesla app is capable of.

One screen inside the Model Y does it all

Photo: Tesla

Most of the Model Y’s controls are nestled inside that central command screen, for better or for worse. Simple tasks like adjusting rearview mirrors first requires the driver to activate the function from the infotainment screen, then operate the mirrors using two steering wheel-mounted rotary knobs. Headlights and wipers are also activated via the car’s central command screen.

Google Maps for navigation and over-the-air updates

That screen hosts a wide range of information and features as well. For instance, Tesla modeled its own version of Google Maps for navigation. The system will even locate a supercharger station for quick battery fill up. And just in case planet Earth is too boring for you, the car’s map can display Mars’ surface. Because why not?

Download apps while waiting at a Tesla Supercharger

The Model Y is constantly connected to the internet (a data subscription service may be required), so it knows if a nearby supercharger station is available or not. This also allows the system to continuously improve through over-the-air updates, a technology Tesla also pioneered. In some cases, a Tesla Model Y will start preconditioning its battery knowing it’s about to get charged by a supercharger.

Once you’re parked waiting for the car to charge, the Model Y lets you download apps and games to pass the time. You can even install apps like YouTube or Netflix.

Model Y interior easter eggs – fart sounds anyone?

Tesla thought it would be fun to incorporate a bit of humour in the Model Y. It therefore allows its driver to change the car’s blinker tone to something else, like fart sounds. The car’s whoopee cushion feature is highly amusing when surprising your passengers as they enter the car. These downloadable features add fun and laughter to the Model Y experience, but also means the car is constantly changing over time.

Photo: Teslarati.com

The Tesla Model Y’s interior is definitely a large pill to swallow at first, but once you get your head around all the quirky features, you’ll be hooked by this highly customizable next-generation cabin.

Pros and Cons of the Tesla Model Y Interior


  • Uncluttered dashboard and large windshield lead to a well-lit, airy, and spacious cabin
  • The central command screen is easy to comprehend, well-laid out and loaded with neat features and technology
  • No need to fiddle with a key fob or a starter button, the car senses you’re close and automatically turns itself on


  • Steering wheel and mirror adjustment controls are plain finicky
  • The absence of a conventional gauge pod takes some getting used to
  • Build quality still needs work

Buying a used or new Tesla in Canada

If you’re shopping for a pre-owned Tesla, here’s a look at our used Tesla inventory. All our Tesla models must pass a 150 point inspection and come with a free CARFAX vehicle history report. When you’re ready to move forward, we'll bring your Tesla to you at a time that fits your schedule. Free delivery available for many locations we serve and you have 7 days to try it out – with a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied.

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Tesla Model Y Key Interior Specifications

Passenger/Seating Capacity

5 or 7 Adults

Total Passenger Volume


Front Head Room

1,041 mm

Front Leg Room

1, 063 mm

Front Shoulder Room

1,432 mm

Front Hip Room

1,367 mm

Second Row Head Room

1,001 mm (5 pass.) / 984 mm (7 pass.)

Second Row Leg Room

1,029 mm (5 pass.) / 1,057 mm (7 pass.)

Second Row Shoulder Room

1,373 mm (5 pass.) / 1,372 mm (7 pass.)

Second Row Hip Room

1,286 mm (5 pass.) / 1,290 mm (7 pass.)

Third Row Head Room (7 pass.)

880 mm

Third Row Leg Room (7 pass.)

673 mm

Third Row Shoulder Room (7 pass.)

1,041 mm

Third Row Hip Room (7 pass.)

928 mm

Front Trunk (Frunk) Cargo Space

117 L

Rear Trunk Cargo Space

854 L

Total Cargo Space (with seats folded flat + frunk)

2,041 L

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