2019 Honda CR-V Recall: Your Next Steps

June 5, 2019

Honda has issued a recall, affecting 17,951 CR-V vehicles in Canada specifically affecting the 2019 model year. The automaker confirmed a problem with the driver-front airbag that could force it to malfunction.

On May 21, 2019, Honda issued a recall for 2019 CR-V vehicles.

The automaker said sharp metal edges present on the steering wheel core could damage the vehicle’s steering wheel-mounted airbag. The metal could disconnect the airbag, causing it to stop working and turn on the airbag (SRS) warning light. The problem may also cause the airbag to deploy randomly without a crash, leading to a seriously increased risk of injury. In turn, if the airbag doesn’t deploy properly in a crash, the risk of serious or fatal injury also increases considerably.

Who’s Affected by this recall?

Honda hasn’t reported any crashes related to the defect but has identified at least three injury claims caused by sudden airbag deployments.

The recall affects 118,000 Honda CR-V vehicles in the United States, plus another 17,951 Honda CR-V vehicles in Canada.

It applies to the 2019 model only, as Honda hasn’t detected the same issue in prior model years. The manufacturing window for affected units is for those built between October 3, 2018 and April 1, 2019.

What Should You Do if Your CR-V was recalled?

Honda will be notifying owners by mail with instructions to urgently take their vehicle to a dealer for repair. Dealers will replace the steering wheel wiring and install a protective cover over the steering wheel core.

Enter your VIN at this link to learn more about this recall and find out if there are other Service Actions related to your vehicle.


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